The NSCA Return to Play plan has moved to Phase 4. CFB has developed a RTP plan that combines NSCA and additional Club protocols.


  • Maximum of 50 people in each of the Main Lounge, Upper Lounge and Ice Shed
  • Members must be registered to play and must sign in upon entry
  • Staff will sanitize the facility including Rocks , Brooms, Sliders and Scoreboards
  • Masks are required while curling and in all other areas of the facility. Exception is while seated in the Post Draw Lounge for a drink
  • Maximum 5 people per table
  • Locker Rooms are CLOSED
  • Arrive ready to play with a bag for your outside footwear, all items go with you to the Ice Shed
  • Upper Lounge - Pre-draw, Main Lounge - Post Draw
  • Ice Attendant will announce when the ice is ready
  • Back Stairwell and Door - Enter Ice Shed, Front Stairwell and Door - exit Ice Shed

Ice Shed and Play

  • Social Distancing is not required during curling, but is required in all other areas of the Club/Facility
  • Game - 6 Ends (8 ends for Doubles) 
  • Buzzer at 90 Minutes - Finish the end you are playing 
  • Blue Rocks - Hammer in the first end, Practice Slide at "Away" End
  • Scoreboard - Teams to designate one person to mark score with provided Markers
  • Rental Brooms and Sliders are Available
  • Club Curling Sticks are Not Available
  • Club Stabilizers are Not Available
  • Measuring devices are Not Available - Mates to measure with personal measuring tape
  • Hack Protectors are Available during Practice Ice Bookings through the Ice Attendant.
  • Sanitizer is located throughout the Club and at each end of every curling sheet.
  • Please only touch your assigned rocks and move other curlers rocks with feet or broom
  • No Handshakes before or after the game
  • No Tissues supplied

Upcoming Events

10 Feb 2021;
12:30AM - 04:45PM
McLellan Cup
12 Feb 2021;
11:30AM - 04:00PM
Metro Masters