Hello CFB HFX Curlers,

Nova Scotia has announced that non-socially distanced sports groups can expand from 10 to 50 persons effective October 1.  The Nova Scotia Curling Association will move to phase 4 of the curling return plan.  CFB Halifax Curling Club's operation plans will advance accordingly:

  • The maximum capacity for the facility will go from 50 to 100.
    • Main lounge limit will be 50 (48 seated at tables of 8)
    • Upper lounge (now the Pre-Draw Lounge) limit will be 50
    • Ice Shed limit will be 50
    • The Locker Room level will remain closed
  • Curling in the Ice Shed will follow the NSCA protocol for phase 4.
    • 2 sweepers are permitted
    • Teams may sweep past the T-line
  • 6 Sheets of curling ice will be available
  • Masks will be required during curling and throughout the facility
    • The exception will be while seated for a drink

We are very much looking forward to seeing all the curling family back in action.  With this announcement, game play will look very much normal.  The draw scheduling for back to back draws will be more convenient and allow for more social time after curling. 

For example the procedure for evening draws:

1st Draw - Curlers enter the facility and go to the Upper Lounge now also known as the "Pre-Draw Lounge".  Using the stairs closest to the front door.  The lounge is set-up with benches and tables with chairs for prep before curling while remaining socially distanced.  Curlers will be called to the ice and use the back stairs and Ice Shed door toward the rear of the building.  All curlers will be asked to take their effects to the Ice Shed with them.  Nothing is to be left behind in the Pre-Draw Lounge.  Bags and jackets can be put on benches in the Ice Shed.  The Draw schedule will list which team has the near bench and far bench including sheet #.

1st Draw Curling - The Pre-Draw Lounge will be disinfected including all touch points used by curlers through the facility.

2nd Draw - Curlers playing in this draw will follow the same path to the Pre-Draw Lounge and wait until called for curling.

- 1st Draw Post Curling - Exit through the Ice Shed door toward the front of the facility.  Curlers enter the Main Lounge into the socially distanced Bar line or proceed to their numbered table.

2nd Draw Curling - Once the Ice Shed is clear of all curlers, the ice will be serviced and all items and surfaces will be disinfected.  The Ice Attendant will call the 2nd Draw when the Ice Shed is prepared.  Curlers will enter the Ice Shed using the back stairs and door nearest the rear of the facility. 

2nd Draw Post Curling - When the 1st Draw has finished their drinks, the lounge will be disinfected for the 2nd Draw's use after their curling.

*The Upper Lounge/Pre-Draw Lounge will be used for all curling draws.  The Main Lounge will be used only for post curling.  

Please feel free to email or call the Club anytime with questions or concerns!

Good Curling!