Curling at CFB Halifax Curling Club

Fall 2020

Arriving at the Club, you will notice many changes and protocols needed to follow.  This document is designed to help prepare you.  All protocols and changes are in-place to follow health guidelines and requirements with respect to the pandemic.  A Business Resumption Plan was submitted to the Base Commander and approved in order for the Club to re-open.  The Base Safety Officer works with the Manager to ensure the Club operates safely and complies with all DND regulations regarding COVID-19 and otherwise.  Mainly, we need to provide a curling environment that allows you to keep socially distant at 6 feet.  Our first priority is to keep our curlers safe.  

Below is an introduction of what to expect upon arrival at CFB Halifax Curling Club:

  • Parking
    • Should you park next to a vehicle we ask curlers to stagger their exits as spaces are close together.
  • The facility maximum capacity is 50 people.
  • 5 sheets of ice will be installed with gaps between.
  • The facility is disinfected prior to curling draws.
  • A hand sanitizer station will be required to use at the entrance.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.
  • An Attendant will be at the entrance.
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms please do not enter the facility.
    • fever/chills, Cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, nasal congestion/runny nose, nausea/vomiting or diarrhea
  • No boot cleaners.
  • A log book will be kept at the entrance for names and phone numbers of the individuals in the building (rear door is for emergencies only). Logs will be kept for 5 days.
  • Masks are required in the facility.
    • They may be removed when seated at for a beverage.
  • Curlers are expected to follow all signage and keep socially distant.
  • Basement level will be closed and no lockers or change areas available.
  • Restrooms will single occupancy only (main and upper available).
  • Lounges are set-up for social distancing in seating and traffic patterns with signs.
    • Upper and Lower lounges will be utilized for full draws with table numbers to match sheet. This will allow curlers the opportunity to place shoes/boots at their seat.
  • Only the Lower lounge Bar will be open with a plexiglas barrier.
    • Drinks are served in a disposable cup from the bartender. Curlers are expected to dispose of their own cup when finished.
    • Please, no cash. Debit machine payments only. The machine will have a cover and is wiped clean by the Bartender after each transaction.
  • The Ice Shed
    • Enter the south door.
    • Exit the north door.
    • Rock handles are disinfected prior to all play.
    • Rental brooms are disinfected prior to all play.
    • Sliders are disinfected prior to all play.
    • Stabilizers are not be available.
    • Sticks are not be available.


Fall registration will require members to pay 50% of their full season fees and the remaining 50% in January.  In the event of early closure, the balance of the season paid for and missed will be subtracted from the following season’s dues.  This is the same policy in-effect from March. 

Returning members registering this season will be credited for time missed last season.  Their 2020 dues will be reduced by the appropriate amount.  We ask returning members to register online as usual, but do not complete online payment.  You will be contacted to complete payment over the phone for the correct amount.


Following the latest public health guidelines for hygiene including hand hygiene, sanitizing stations are available at the front entrance and throughout the club lounges. The ice shed will have hand sanitizers, wipes, tissues, and garbage receptacles at each end of each sheet.    

All games will be a maximum of 6 ends. A buzzer will sound 90 minutes from the start of the Draw. Teams are to complete the end they are playing and be off the ice no later than 105 minutes from the start of the Draw.

Please come dressed for the game (locker rooms and coat room not available).  You can change your shoes and leave your belongings on the chair that you are using. The bar will be open. The top team in the schedule will have hammer and throw Blue rocks (Draw Chairs will make every attempt to make this as even as possible). An announcement will be made when the ice is ready for your draw.  Hammer teams will proceed to the ice first while maintaining physical distancing requirements. Sheet 5 first, and then sheet 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Hammer team will go to the far end for warm up slides.  Non-hammer teams then enter the ice shed following the same order, and complete their warm up.  No handshakes.  Stones will be sanitized and placed in a straight line on the ice by staff before the curlers enter the ice shed.  Curlers will touch only their 2 stones.

Measuring devices will not be used. Members are encouraged to identify one person on each team to carry a tape measure from home for disputed measures.

The two competing teams will assign one person to keep score using the scoreboards. The scoreboards and numbers will be disinfected before every game by staff.

Game play will follow the approved Nova Scotia Curling Association’s plan.

Only throwing team shall sweep any stones.  Non-throwing skip shall remain on end boards until shot is completed.  One sweeper per team. No tagging in or sharing of sweeping.  One non-sweeper or thrower may follow stone maintaining 6 feet of distance.  Other player to remain near centerline at the throwing end hog line.

Sweeper can sweep stone to the tee line, with skip calling line from the back line. Sweeper must not travel past the tee line. Sweeping must stop soon enough to ensure this.  Position of players not involved in the shot – non-sweeper, opposition thrower, both sweepers for opposition- shall have predetermined standing locations. See Appendix D.  To transition, team that just threw will move to waiting positions on   the centerline, next team will move to positions (hack, sweeper, non-sweeper) via sideline. Always maintain 6 feet of distance. See Appendix D.  Similar transition for two skips, one on sideline, one on centre line.  Key is to maintain 6 feet of distance.

Skip and third must maintain 6 feet of distance. Only the person holding the broom for the next shot (third) can be in the house. Skip should be outside the rings, or beyond the hog line for peels or brooms placed in the Free Guard Zone.  Non-throwing skip or third- person who just threw will wait outside hog line on the designated side. Person who just held broom will take up non-throwing skips position. After non hammer team’s final skips stone, skip will wait in previous throwers position as noted above.

Any in-game conference must be held at 6 feet of distance.  Between ends – the team throwing first shall clean up the stones.  Team without the hammer take up their mid-ice positions. Sweeper cleans up stones in the rings; non-sweeper cleans up stones in the free guard zone. Push stones to appropriate corner and the thrower places stones in corners.  Be patient and safe. There is no rush to get stones in place. To move the stones, they will use their broom or their feet. Players will not touch the handles of the stones.

Between ends, chats will be limited to two people at a time to reduce space required.

Junior teams that are playing in a league other than the junior program are allowed one coach/designate to accompany the team.

At the end of the game, teams will leave the ice shed using the north door and proceed to their assigned tables/chairs while maintaining their physical distancing requirements.  The bar will be open and a limited amount of time will be available for socializing, however, each team must stay at their assigned table/chairs. There may be some exceptions (ie: doubles where there is a maximum number of 4 players for both teams).


In addition to standard (four person) curling leagues, we will be offering Doubles in place of Mixed Doubles. We will retain our Junior Curling Program and will look at offering a Learn to Curl Program in the New Year. A Stick League may also be offered later in the year.

More details available on the website.

PPE & Facility Cleaning

The latest public health guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting will be followed.

The Club will have a more regimented cleaning routine going forward into the season.  

Masks are required in the facility at all times.

Some exceptions apply:

- Masks are not required where medical conditions prevent a person from wearing a mask

- Masks are not required while eating or drinking at your table.

A designated trash receptacle will be marked for PPE disposal only.  For the safety of our staff, we ask that all PPE be disposed of only in this receptacle and no other trash. 

Bar Service

Protocol will follow all current Nova Scotia Covid-19 public health orders and recommendations.  Bar service will be available when there is curling.

The upper bar will be closed.  There will be a barrier at the bar.  The bartender will sanitize their hands following each customer.  No glassware (glasses, bottles); disposable cups only.  Used cups will be disposed of by the patron.  There will be a queue for bar service with physical distancing required using signs and barriers providing a separate exit back to the lounges.  No cash transactions.


The Club will be organized and managed following the NS Physical Distancing Guidelines, (presently 6 feet), will be maintained before, during, and after curling.  Signage will be in place to direct curlers through the building. Floor decals will be used for traffic flow. The Ice Shed will use the south door (nearest the main entrance to the club) for entering and the north door for exiting. Instructions for game play distancing will be posted in multiple locations. In-ice direction signs will be installed.

Tutorial/Orientation sessions will be made available to help ensure safe curling and traffic paths around the club.  On-ice Orientation sessions will be scheduled for those seeking experience with the new game play protocols in advance of league play.